Instrument Making (3rd. -6th.)

This residency program is gaining recognition for its groundbreaking approach of art-integration applications. It seamlessly blends together the fields of Visual Arts, Design, Music, Social Studies, and even touches upon STEM concepts.

The program provides students with an immersive, hands-on learning experience, where they have the opportunity to construct their very own single-string mountain dulcimer. From drafting a blueprint to adding a custom acrylic paint finish, students will go through the entire process of building this traditional American folk instrument. Along the way, they will gain exposure to Appalachian culture through stories, songs, and history. By the end of the residency, students will have acquired new skills, broadened their knowledge of various principles and applications, and most notably, developed the ability to play their very own instrument. This unique and exciting program is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who participate.


      Visual Arts Standards
      Anchor Standard 1: I can use the elements and principles of art to create artwork.

  • Benchmark VA. CR ML.1: I can combine several elements of art to express idea.
  • Benchmark VA. CR  IL. 1: I can apply some elements and principals of art to revise my work.

     General Music Standards
     Anchor Standard 1: I can arrange and   compose music.

  • Benchmark GM, CR NH 1: I can arrange a musical idea.

    Anchor Standard 4: I can improvise music.

  • Benchmark GM. P IL 4: I can play accomplishment and simple songs on classroom instruments.

    Design Standards
    Anchor Standard 1: A can conceive and develop a design.
  • Benchmark De, CR NM. 1: I can recognize how design questions are used to solve problems.
  • Benchmark De. CR IL.1: I can work with a team to answer design challenge questions.
  • Benchmark De. CR NH.3: I can apply design thinking strategies.