Our Music, Our Heritage, Our Story (2nd-12th.)

The American Folk Instruments Residency offers a comprehensive and interactive study of American folk instruments and their connection to cultural, heritage and history. Your students will have the chance to experience a wide range of percussion, wind, and string instruments, understand their unique characteristics and historical significance, and learn how they connect to contemporary music styles. Through cultural influences, students will participate in hands-on activities such as rhythm and movement, song performances, call-and-response singing, and close-up demonstrations of various musical styles including Native American Drumming & Flute, Piedmont Blues, Appalachian Fiddle & Banjo Tunes, Scotch-Irish Penny-Whistle Tunes, West African (Gullah) Chants, and English Folk Songs. This program provides students with opportunities to ask questions and understand the origins and sounds of each instrument. The residency is designed to cater to all grade levels and can be designed for a one-day (class) or five-day (classes) experience.  

They will hear styles played on:
Percussion: Wash Board, Kalimba,West African (Gullah) Druming, Native American Drumming, Bones, Spoons, Bodran, Jaw Harp

Wind: Native American Flute, Penny Whistle, Jug, Harmonica, Quils

Strings: Guitar, Fiddle, Minstrel Banjo, Appalichian Banjo, Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Mouth Bow, Lap Dulcimer