Performance Literacy Through Storytelling (3rd-6th.)

Performance Literacy Through Storytelling

The Educational Residency Week focuses on teaching performance literacy and storytelling using classic folk and fairy tales as the basis. Students will improve their storytelling skills through theater and drama techniques and develop an appreciation for literature, reading, and writing. They will learn techniques such as narrative mime, creative movement, voice & projection, facial expressions, and develop teamwork skills through ensemble storytelling. The final project involves writing and presenting alternate endings to a folk tale. The week also includes a variety of inspiring storytelling examples, such as narrative poems and music. This is a very popular residency!!!

Focal Standards:
Anchor Standard 3: I can improvise scenes and written scripts. 

  • Benchmark TP NL.3.: I can use body and voice to communicate character traits and emotions in a guided drama experience. 
  •  Benchmark T.P IM.3 I can use acting techniques to develop charater and create meaning in simple theatrical work. 


Anchor Standard 1: I can create scenes and write scripts using story elements and structure.

  • Benchmark T.CR NL 1: I can identify basic story elements in simple stories, plays and scripts (e.g. plot, character, setting, theme, etc.).
  • Benchmark T.CR NM 1: I can work with others to re-create a story through non-verbal communication (ex: Pantomime/Mime).
  • Benchmark T.CR IL 1: I can analyze stories and scripts for basic dramatic structure.