Story Literacy and Puppetry             (4th. & 5Th.)

This brand-new residency focuses on creative storytelling, literacy and theater production, where students form their own theater company for a dynamic production at the end of the week. They will learn a folktale or fable, create sock and mask puppets, scenery, and produce a puppet show for younger audiences (5k-1st grades). The week covers theater production technology, acting. storytelling, and puppet making. They will discover how to use sound effects, voice dynamics, timing and, characterization techniques in a control environment. Your students will have a wonderful time engaging and learning about story arts. 

Focal Standards:

Anchor Standard 3: I can improvise scenes and written scripts.

Benchmark NL.3: I can use body and voice to communicate character traits and emotions in a guided drama experience.

Benchmark T.P IM.3: I can use acting techniques to develop character and create meaning in simple theatrical work.

Anchor Standard 2: I can design and use technical elements for improvised scenes and written scripts.

Benchmark T.CR NM. 2: I can use basic technical elements in the dramatic process.

Anchor Standard 1: I can create scenes and write scripts using story elements and structure.
Benchmark T.CR NL 1: I can identify basic story elements in simple stories, plays and scripts (e.g. plot, character, setting, theme, etc.)